Punched Out: Derrick Boogard

16 12 2011

Recently in class we watched a piece done about Derrick Boogard, an enforcer in the NHL. The piece was done by the New York Times over a sixth month period, and dove deeply in the abusive nature of Boogard’s life. Boogard had suffered from so many concussions that his brain had started to have the onset stages of dementia.

Throughout his life, Boogard was able to progress in the hockey world through his physical nature and propensity for fighting. The piece challenges viewers to understand the dangers of repeated head trauma and how the repeated blows to the head can alter personality and lead to permanent changes.


Boogard died of drug overdose. His family believed the constant and chronic pain from fighting led to the abuse of painkillers. The NY Times did an excellent job at capturing the visceral nature of hockey and how some like Boogard, are forced to sacrifice everything just to fulfill their dreams.




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