Swifting Landscape: Changes in Media

12 11 2011

As we continue to look at the ongoing changes in the media landscape, it’s vital yo realize the impact of Steve Jobs. The late Jobs was the catalyst for a whirlwind of changes that is currently affecting the media. Jobs revolutionized media by inventing current smartphones and changing the way people get their news and how they get it. Instead of reading a website on your personal computer or a newspaper, people are now turning to their phones and tablets to gather the news.

This change has forced media to turn to more visual ways of presenting news. Instead of just text, people want pictures, graphs, video and illustrations. As aspiring journalists, we need to be aware of these rapid change and become fluent in the production and editing of these different ways of producing media.

In conclusion, I believe this change is good for journalists. Journalists tend to gravitate towards one skill; writing or photography for example. But with media corps. downsizing, traditional ways of journalism and educating journalists is changing. No longer can you be just a writer or photographer in this new media landscape. You have to well-rounded in all facets of media and be able to transition to each one smoothly.




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