Mobile Assignment: Show Me State Games Comes to MU

9 11 2011


Clayton Hill, Mizzou Rec Coordinator, helped organize and protect participants at the Show Me State Games in Columbia, MO. (J2150/Dalton Barker)

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Show Me State Games returned this past weekend with 3v3 soccer games. The games were held on Saturday and Sunday, and teams from around the state were there to compete.

According to Mizzou Rec staff member Clayton Hill, the event was well attended, “Stankowski Field was absolutely packed.” The age range ran from young kids to adults, “I swear I saw a guy that was 26.”

Show Me State Games are a staple at MU, from basketball to volleyball, the recreation department continues to strive to make the games as fun and safe as possible.

“We want to protect our participants and our facilities,” Hill said. Hill stressed that safety and well-being are his main concerns during the games.

“Everything went smoothly…it was a neat experience.”




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