Using Info graphics

7 11 2011

Info graphics can be such a tedious process for upcoming journalist. So much information has to be evenly organized in a clean manner for the reader to clearly understand. One wrong decision on the esthetic outlay of the graphic can make it difficult for your audience to read or interpret the data.

Nathan Fleischmann joined our discussion last Monday, and helped explain the four simple steps to making a successful info graphic. Step 1: Research. Research is the base of your info graphic, like the foundation of your house, it must be steady and fully-fleshed out. If you have good information and a plethora of it, you can size it down and make it easier for the reader. Which shows how important Step 2 is, editing. Editing allows you to narrow the lense of your research and focus on what you want your reader to focus on. Step 3 is plotting, which determines how exactly you will lay out the information. If your information isn’t in a conducive manner, readers will be confused and move-on quickly. Finally we have Step 4 Review, always rechecking your source and editing your final draft is essential in creating a successful info graphic. No matter how creative you are, if your info is inaccurate it will be cast aside immediately.

Info graphics aren’t just thrown together to make a pretty diversion for a readers eye. They aren’t meant to be subtle page breaks from your eyes constant progression through the text. It is meant to depict large amounts of information efficiently and accurately. But it requires a lot of hard work to be properly understood. Practicing these steps will ensure that your info graphic is ready to publish.




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