Cell Phones, Journalism And Your Future

29 10 2011

A topic I have yet to discuss is the use of cell phones, and their impact in the field of journalism. Smartphones have revolutionized the ability for journalists to instantly report current news, and provide the audience with accurate, real-time analysis and content. Since the emergence of the iphone in 2007 and the adaption of social media into society has allowed anyone to participate in the social discourse.

As Twitter and Facebook continue to connect people across the planet, phone usage continues to grow. According to this study, http://bit.ly/9NBoPt, people are using their cell phones to access the internet instead of the computer.

In conclusion, journalists need to continue to improve phone usage and curtailing their service for phone users. Every year, more people are seeking instant, phone-accessible news. So, the media industry needs to be ahead of this consumption and deliver quality content to the growing masses.




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