Adding Interaction To Media

16 10 2011

Sarah Hill, KOMU anchor, introduces us to a new, exciting way of communicating between the audience and the media. Google Plus provides a new channel to have live, multi-webcam discussions with KOMU or any other media station. It allows anyone, anywhere in the world to be able to act as a correspondent. Immensely lowering costs and giving multiple angles for a single event.

Any smartphone, tablet or webcam can provide an instant up-link and cover an event that is happening real time. News agencies are starting to really explore this functionality by using your average viewer as another set of eyes. Occupy WallStreet, Syrian riots and recent global disasters have allowed citizens to be directly involved in the production and content of media channels. Instead of being just a viewer, they are now becoming critical to the way media events are being covered.
As continued innovations are implemented into your daily news network, the need for more social media interaction is more pertinent than ever. This new streaming technology not only diversifies the standard news show, but also incorporates viewers right into the discourse.




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