Being a successful videographer

1 10 2011

Using video to captivate and illustrate media can be very useful, but also very difficult. With video, you have to be cognoscente of several aspects pertaining to the overall quality of the video. By having inadequate lighting, low audio or using the camera without a tripod can all lead to a video appearing very unprofessional and basically worthless for media use. It might be OK for Youtube, or other video sites, but for professional news worthy pieces, it is imperative to have high-quality video.

Here is an example of bad video: The videographer constantly eliminates the head of the subject and doesn’t use a tripod to steady the camera and keep it from oscillating back-and-forth.

Working with video, we must resist the temptation to zoom or pan the lens. This can disorient the viewer and creates lack of depth of field. The problem is that working with video cameras requires the user to focus on several different aspects at once. So, in-order to ensure professional quality video, the user must be completely aware of his environment and the equipment they are using.




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