Marketing Oneself to the Media

17 09 2011

Amy Simons recently held lecture over the importance of blogging and marketing yourself to potential employers. She stressed the importance of consistently giving your audience fresh material and finding a niche in the mass market that encompasses the blogosphere. At the same time, our blogs can be a personal, yet professional, view at our inner thoughts and interests. It could even  lead to a company hiring you because they can relate your work with their corporate goals and direction.

Blogs are a great way to express yourself and connect with your audience on a more humanistic level. Two blogs I personally enjoy is by Jamison Hensley on ESPN: and Peter King on Sports Illustrated: Both blogs look at in-depth aspects of the NFL, and provide the reader with a unique perspective to certain teams, and the NFL in general.

I hope my blog will help market myself to potential media corporations, and assist me at becoming a better writer and journalist. Also, I believe blogging could provide a healthy outlet for me to express my feelings and opinions on current media issues. Hopefully, I could create a blog that rivals some of the aforementioned sports writers and parlay it into a career. At least that’s the goal!




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