Multimedia: Using Images to depict 9/11

10 09 2011

As we remember the fallen heroes and lost lives of innocent people from the tragedy that was 9/11, the media continues to unstrung the events, that happened 10 years ago, by using a myriad of different multimedia channels.  From videos about families dealing with a personal lose like this one, to a compilation of “Where were you” illustrated by photos or short testimonials: Events like 9/11 are hard to summarize as ink on paper or traditional media avenues. To properly capture the raw emotions of a fearful child or an awestruck taxi cab driver, we need to continue to push past our preconceived notions of media use.

The New York Times created an entire webpage linking you to different perspectives and stories: There is so many different angles to cover an event like 9/11, so as journalists we need to be creative and open in determining which way we need to convey a story. But we must also be careful about respecting people and their loses while capturing emotion. Using good judgement and the objective method is absolutely necessary with dealing with tragic events.

In conclusion, the technology at journalists disposal is growing more in-depth and impactful every year. When it comes to events like 9/11 that congeal an entire nation, it is imperative to present these stories in a compelling and relevant way.




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