Capturing a Moment With Multimedia

3 09 2011

While journalism continues to change throughout the 21st century, the need for excellent presentation, in-addition to great writing, is paramount. A journalist of today isn’t just a writer, but a photographer and videographer. The need for a journalist to understand cross- utilization in other areas becomes more-and-more important as people continue to seek out different avenues to access this news and media.


A great example of multimedia journalism is Choosing Thomas: This piece was by the Dallas Morning Star on the decision to keep the precise life of a trisomy 13 baby; babies who have this chromosomal deficiency typically only survive for a few days. It was an excellence piece that captures raw emotions of parents caring for their weak, suffering baby boy.


Technology is adding new tools for journalist, and we must be pragmatic in using these advancements to better capture and captivate or audiences. Without doing so, we are nullifying the potential to maximize our work.




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