Introduction to Multimedia Journalism

29 08 2011

My journey through the intricacies of learning how to use the software and skills gained from this course, will probably resonate the most in my professional career. As journalist are called-upon to be capable at reporting, editing and producing their own news, the need for a wide-breadth of knowledge from all angles is more-and-more important. I hope to learn not only how to use the software and equipment, but also how to use these new tools to better myself as a journalist and depict my story to a larger audience.


I really enjoyed the Pottermore piece during the lecture. It reminded me of Chuck Palahniuk’s website: The Cult. The Cult helps aspiring writers learn techniques from Palahniuk and gain advice from fellow community members. I think Pottermore could provide a similar result, but on a much larger scale.
The BBC recently released the aftermath of Hurricane Irene’s destructive path through the eastern coast of the United States. Visual journalism, combined with testimonies of events adds a certain layer of humanistic values and views to a piece. News is no longer a photo and a 300 word story. We need, no must, branch-out past the general storytelling that has been exercised countless times by varying journalists. Hopefully, multimedia journalism will provide this avenue for me to maximize my storytelling and creative abilities.